Bubble Butler™ Carbonation Management System

Automates accurate carbonation control for your tank to deliver consistent and stable carb levels for your beverage.


Carbonation Management System

Through fully automated carbonation control, the Bubble Butler™ delivers consistent and stable carbonation levels for your beverage.

By managing the complex process of forced carbonation, the Bubble Butler ensures your customers enjoy the ideal carbonation for each of your unique beverage styles.

Complete Carbonation Management

Select your desired carb level and let the Bubble Butler do the rest. The Bubble Butler monitors small changes in product temperature and brite tank pressure to instantly calculate a precise finish pressure. Your set carb level is reliably and accurately maintained until you are ready to package.

Remote Monitoring

Check and review real-time carbonation and tank management data remotely from your phone or computer. Throughout your carbonation and packaging processes, the Bubble Butler lets you monitor product conditions and track data for quality control.

Alert System

Get notifications about your current tank status and potential interruptions to your brewing cycle. The Bubble Butler detects and alerts you to diminishing CO2 supply, misconnections, leaky fittings, glycol system issues and carbonation stone inefficiencies so you can stay on schedule



  • Multiple configuration options depending on brewhouse equipment
  • Mounts to wall, tank or other surface
  • Option to manage multiple carbonation stones simultaneously
  • Wi-fi enabled
  • Width: 6” (2.18 cm)
  • Height: 10.6” (26.9 cm)
  • Depth: 5.7” (14.5 cm)