Hazardous Location Filling Equipment by Inline Fillers

Inline Filling Systems has engineered complete liquid filling lines for over 20 years. The typical filling line is composed of filling, capping and labeling machinery ENTIRELY built and supported by Inline Filling Systems in the USA. Other complex systems that include sophisticated third party equipment from our USA business partners are also entirely engineered, integrated, tested and installed by us in our complete lines.


Hazardous Location Filling Equipment

Inline Filling Systems designs and builds Hazardous Location fillers and cappers specifically for solvents, petroleum products, paints, etc. Any of our standard filling machines can be built to hazardous location standards. Additionally, a wide variety of custom liquid delivery systems built to thee standards are also available. We build both simple pneumatically operated machines for semiautomatic operation and also more sophisticated electrically operated machines with all of the versatility of our standard fillers. Your applications engineer will recommend the best configuration for your needs. Here are some examples:

Machine Catalog

Semi-Automatic Machines

  • Bench-top semi automatic overflow filling
  • Slide-tray semi automatic overflow filling
  • Servo pump semiauto hazardous location filler
  • Servo pump semiauto hazardous location filler

Fully-Automatic Machines

  • Fully automatic EXP class overflow filling
  • Fully automatic EXP class servo PD filling

EXP Class Capping Machines

  • Semi-automatic bench-top capping machine
  • Fully automatic EXP class capping machine

EXP Class Conveyors & Turntables

  • EXP Class Custom Conveyor
  • EXP Class Turntables